Mike Shreeve The 6 Figure Passive Author Business Course

Mike Shreeve – The 6-Figure Passive Author Business Course

Here’s A Quick Snapshot Of Just Some Of The Lessons From Inside The Course:
How To Pick The Right Niche For You
How To Pick The Right Book Length
How To Sustain This Income For More Than 10 Years
How To Design A Book That Will Sell For Decades
How To Build “Word-of-mouth” Recommendations Into Every Book You Write
How To Test Whether Your Book Will Sell In Advance (using real data)
How To Pick The Right Book Hook For This Publishing Model
How To Get Other People (for free) To Make Your Book More Sellable
How To Get Loads Of Reviews For Your Books
How To Decide On A Pen Name
How To Implement The World’s Most Simple (yet effective) Book Launch
How To Optimize For Long-tail Sales And Thinking In Decades
How To Add Additional Mini-Income Streams To This Book Business
How To Sell Your Book Business For For $350,000 Or More
And a whole bunch more!

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